Chapter 9 The last full moon of summer and Pledge Music updates

Chico talks . . .
about the Sound of You and the Last Full MooN of Summer exclusively for Blog readers
A big thank you for your support - we couldn't do this without you!

The Sound of You

Jan writes ...
Being a pioneer is both exciting and nerve-wracking! 
Crowd funding is a new idea and we creators and artists have lately had to become marketeers too.
Seven weeks ago we partnered with PledgeMusic to raise the money to record the album 'The Sound of You'
Estelle went off to South Africa to tour and promote, Jan's life turned into even more of an online frenzy than before and Chico dived into a new world of social media and online interaction!

Here's the list of products we are selling on PledgeMusic to raise the money to record the songbook (all prices in USD)
Remember you don't have to buy at the time just pledge to buy when we reach our goal.

$10 gets you a digital download and is available for all pledgers!
CD - an old fashioned (and preferred way of listening to music)
Signed CD (one day could be a collector's item?)
Signed Lead Sheet (another collector's item?)
Demos from Estelle (Limited edition) (already a collector's item)
Card series - signed series of 6 from JaN PuLSFoRD
E-songbook (three options including name in liner notes)
Skype Prodshop - talk to Chico and Jan about music and production
Skype SongShop - a lesson from Estelle on singing
Skype Concert - a private concert from Estelle
Serenade - a private concert from Estelle with a signed CD, pack of cards and poster
Executive Producer - Your name on the album, a signed CD, photo, Cards plus a limited print edition of the Sound of You Songbook
Meeting with Estelle - a cup of coffee, slice of cake and a limited print edition of the Sound of You Songbook with signed CD and poster!
A song for you - Chico, Jan and Estelle will write and record a song especially for you!
An instrumental for you - Chico records a special trio version of a Sound of You track
Concerts (two options) including one with Chico Freeman and a host of goodies.

We are posting a lot of updates on the pledge music site plus the blog and youtube channel. 
Special mp3s from Chico and Estelle plus Jan's new SHaPeSHiFTeR album available next weekend for all pledgers.

Phew! Looking forward to recording the music of the Sound of You very soon

Thanks everyone!
Estelle, Jan, Chico xxx

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