Ch:8 - Closer to the Pledge

The deadline of April 4th approaches. 
We are getting close . . . A big thank you to those who have followed us on this brave adventure  and believed in us by pledging to buy the album and songbook.

Crowdfunding is the new way of paying for the recording of music where the listener becomes part of the making of an album. It's not too late to jump aboard!

Along with a digital download you could become an executive producer, have your name on the album, have a song written for you, host a concert in your house or venue, dinner date with Estelle! Just about anything your heart desires - from $10 (USD) to $15k


Estelle is in South Africa touring 'The Sound of You' with Kevin Gibson and Herbie Tsoaeli
Jan is busy posting videos, blogs, updates etc. and preparing for the last two weeks of the pledge music campaign
Chico is strategising and preparing for the recording which, thanks to your support, will be happening in the studio 14th April

We have special downloads available for those who pledge
Chico is offering some mp3s of his recordings
JaN is offering a complete aMBieNT MuSiC WoRLD album download at the end of the pledge campaign!
Estelle is sending exclusive rehearsal iPhone recordings, pictures and messages from South Africa

The Sound of You
Read the story here
Listen and see
then Pledge

Thanks for your support
Estelle, Jan and Chico

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