Chapter 6 - Close to the Pledge

One Month into our campaign to get the Sound of You recorded! Thanks to all our friends/patrons of the arts who have promised to buy songbooks, cards, demos, signed lead sheets and CDs. 
Everyone who pledges gets a digital download of the Sound of You album too !!

Jan is also offering . . .  A set of exclusive greeting cards and a songbook including the music with her pictures and lyrics . . .
PLUS everyone who pledges gets a copy of her latest aMBieNT MuSIC WoRLD album on March 15th!  More details soon of that and the on line fundraiser on
. . . She also needs to get somewhere warm

Estelle is touring South Africa . . .
and as part of the PledgeMusic rewards has also offered an album of never heard before demos, a Vocal Workshop, a chance to meet, plus a variety of intimate house concerts! What an opportunity!

Chico Freeman wants to play . . .an exclusive concert for pledgers and also the chance to chat to him and Jan via Skype about their musical lives and experiences. He is also giving his fans the opportunity to have a song written for them along with the chance to become an executive producer of the project! 

From $10 to $15k . . . There is something for everyone!
Come on don't be shy - just pledging the price of a couple of coffees will help but of course the more you pledge the more we can afford to record and finish the project!

Any questions don't hesitate to ask . . .

Thanks everyone for being part of The Sound of You

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