A Trip To The Bush

A Panoramic view over the vast plains at Ntsiri

Wrapped in my cloak on a cool evening, the only one we had!
Hello All. I have just returned from a glorious seven day break in Ntsiri.

I am pleased to announce that the digital release on PledgeMusic for The Sound of You album is almost set to fly, but I am sure Jan Pulsford will be telling more about that soon! There's still time to order your copy in advance HERE!

Frog on Wood
Hello Hyena
Temperatures in the Limpopo region mostly averaged between 28 and 33degs Celsius, but it was wonderful to soak up the silence and enjoy creatures great and small.

There are no fences between the Kruger Park and neighbouring game farms like Ntsiri, so you could wake up in the morning and find lions or elephants about! We received nightly visits from a hyena or two as they could smell whatever it was we were cooking on the fire.

Some photos were taken by my friend Marie

and some were taken by me
Sunset Wisps
Can you see the animals in the fire below?

Another beautiful sunset at Ingwe Dam
Baby Elly
An Impala Bambi moment with newborns
Bushy Piggies

A superb set of horns on this adult Kudu bull
Another lovely sunset at the dam

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