The final Countdown . . .

Dear Friends

We are a few hours away from knowing if we will be able to afford to record the Sound of You Songbook 

Thanks for all your support so far! Once we get funded we are planning to record the album in July and you can get an exclusive digital download as soon after that as possible.

There are two ways you can help us do it - 

donate directly using PAYPAL

The minimum to secure a download is $10
and other rewards like cards, songbooks, music sheets etc. can be viewed on the pledge music site

The more you pledge the more you get!

Meanwhile all pledgers get a personal thank you from me - a copy of Shapeshifter - so far 90 people have downloaded it so hope you are enjoying that extra music whilst you wait for the Sound of You.

Today is the last day to be part of the crowd funding campaign for the Sound of You Songbook - a collection of beautiful, melodic songs in the jazz tradition with a sound that stretches from New York to London to Johannesburg and beyond - sung by Estelle Kokot and written by jazz legend Chico Freeman and composer/lyricist Jan Pulsford.

thanks again


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