Chapter 8: Love dance - finding the singer (part 2)

Estelle explores...

The concrete walkway is hard and unforgiving beneath my feet. I am watching waves smash rocks where land was reclaimed by settlers. Spray salts my lips and seaweed slaps my legs in the ebb and flow of high tide. Oceania stretches out before me and there is more beyond the edge than the eye allows.

Discovering a new tea is almost as good as going to a wine tasting! Explorers are always looking for untouched territory but The Sea Mountain was here long before it became known as The Table and so was The Song. Many written and many sung, to be given the opportunity of birthing a first version is a wonderful journey!

How does the singer claim the song? The right key unlocks the door. I view The Song as having many portals and options.

When I am seeking the path of interpretation I am the hunter-gatherer. The chords and harmonic structures are my terrain, the melodies and words my food. Foraging in this "happy hunting ground" I need to taste every syllable as I chew on the tune. Only then can the chords be swallowed and the harmony savoured. When I reach the final bar of the groove there will be a new one next time I pay it a visit. The elasticity of no endings.

Going deep into the core to find the cell that inspired each one I will follow the thread that leads me to the story revealing The Sound Of You.

Seapoint Spray Graces Cape Town September 2012

This week Jan vlogs ...

Chico Says...

This week I'm on the road in South America performing concerts in La Paz, Tarija and Santa Cruz, Bolivia, so I'm posting a kind of postcard, here are some sights from La Paz.

Photos by Dion Sumi

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  1. Love these photos from South America Chico! and the photo from South Africa by Estelle - the Sound of you - the sound of our planet!