Chapter 7: Teardrop in the Rain - finding the singer (part 1)

Estelle writes ...

There are places where the air is so dry it inhales the evening. The mirage on the horizon is an afterthought. I have not been caught in the eye of the storm nor have I lived in a place where there is no rain for a year. I have been where the sand fills your mouth if you don't put a scarf over your face and where the sound of nothing is loud. 

A photograph can spark it off making you linger in that limbo all day. 

Moon valley in Namibia and it's near silence stays with me. The day time sky burned when I looked up into a blue that hasn't got a name by colour. The mostly dull grey of varying depth was rough and jagged when I dropped my head and looked down. 

Late afternoon in London
Sitting on a rock statue style still under a cloudless night the half moon flicked between see-through shadows cast by stones. I heard my heart beat slow and steady. The only other sound I could hear was a faraway hum that lasted for a few seconds, starting and stopping with pauses.

That night my mind didn't dance to tunes I'd heard. I imagined what it felt like to see the piano for the first time then play it.

Jan muses …

As Duke Ellington said 'The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he knows how to listen'

Today I muse on the many ways of listening ...

The rhythm you hear in between the notes makes your sense of feel.
The chords you hear beneath a melody makes your sense of harmony.

No two people hear or play the same note the same way
and when they do it's as if the planets have lined up!

The glorious rich sound of the orchestra comes from the different timings of each player as they play the same notes together from a composer's score.
Out of many comes the one ...

Vocalists can sing a word a thousand different ways ...

As writers we listen mostly to silence
and in the sound of silence
we can hear the sadness and longing, the pain and hurt and the joy and laughter of people's lives - all making 'The Sound of You'.

Like the Whirling Dervishes
and Thelonius Monk
we dance alone in the alone
listening to moments of time inside our head.

We may fall down
when we spin too fast
out of control
but the trick is to dust yourself off and get up
and again
and again.

To bathe in the truth of the river
and come out born again
and again
and again.

To listen
until we can hear
a tear drop in the rain.

Jan Pulsford Sept 4th 2013

Chico says ...

Finding not "a" singer but "the" singer is not easy. Each song has its' own story to tell, the singer must get in touch with the essence of the story the song has to express as well as tell his/her story within that context. There are many with beautiful instruments, some with unusual instruments (I think of Louis Armstrong in this category), and there are those with their own unique instruments. Finding the singer to sing the story that captures the spirit and the heart of the song(s) is the idea of what we seek. "To Hear a Teardrop In The Rain," this is the objective and the desire.

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