The Shapeshifter and The Sound of You

Estelle is in the bush - a well deserved few days away from her hectic South African schedule!
Chico is in the studio

and Jan is trying to find new ways to get more promotion and pledges for 'The Sound of You'.
She just finished her latest ambient music world album and decided to donate it as a thank you to pledgers and an incentive to others who still haven't taken the plunge. . . . 

Jan writes … 

'Did everyone who pledged for the Sound of You get the gift of a download code for my album 'SHaPeSHiFTeR'?
I do hope so - any problems let me know - hope you're all enjoying it!

'The Sound of You' has  two weeks left to get the remaining money to record the album ..  you've read the story here - now, if you haven't already, why not donate a minimum of $10 ( the price of a coffee and cake) and you will help pay for the recording PLUS get the gift of my album 'SHaPeSHiFTeR' as an exclusive extra download. 

You could always make the two albums a gift to someone - just let me know in the checkout . . Living in the digital age means I could send it anywhere as soon as I get your donation! In fact I'll throw in a digital greeting card if you like . . . Yes, you guessed, I REALLY want Estelle to record the Sound of You songbook!

If you don't want to bother with registering on pledge music just PAYPAL $10 or more <<< HERE >>>  and I'll send you the download codes and all the updates plus a digital download of the Sound of You as soon as it is recorded … It's a bit like paying for one album in advance and getting another to listen to while the other gets made .... 
Sounds like a deal to me!

We're so close …
Thanks for all your support"


PS. Want the CD , Songbook or more? visit

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