Chapter 11: Back and forward to 'The Sound of You'

Jan writes . . .
and now back and forward to 'The Sound of You'
This is a songbook written with jazz great Chico Freeman and we are lucky enough to have Estelle Kokot singing and interperating the collection.
Estelle is currently touring South Africa with Herbie Tsoaeli and Kevin Gibson and we are hoping to join her soon to record the album

Being digital and musical pioneers we partnered with Pledge Music to crowd fund the album. It's been quite an adventure, one documented in the blog 'The Sound of You'

Hope you will follow and join us on our journey - Our first Blogbook was called 'The Gathering' and the 16 chapters tell the story of us meeting and getting the album ready. 
Book two, which is where we are now is 'The Alchemy' - turning our ideas into gold - The hardest part for any creative person . . The story continues

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