Ch:3 - PledgeMusic Campaign launched after Estelle's sold out Vortex Jazz Club Gigs


Jan writes . . .

So here we are a week into the pledge music campaign to get the Sound of You recorded. Estelle leaves for South Africa in a weeks time to tour and prepare for the recording scheduled for April.

Meanwhile the pledges keep coming in to turn this dream into a reality!
Thanks so much for being part of the journey and  lending your support to this brave new adventure.
We really do appreciate it - more than you can imagine!

"Within a few notes you know you’ve hit a jackpot with Estelle indefinably mat
ure combination of meticulously well-chosen notes and a voice to strip you down bare and trembling. With enviable grace and confidence she balances her voice and her piano work and displays her musical wares with such panache you could hear a crotchet fall". Gisele Turner - JazzEye.

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