Chapter 11: In her eyes - 16a - A beginning

Chico travels in Paris...

Well I'm on the road still, this time in Paris and traveling the metro etc. Interesting this wonderful city is where there were so many artists and for purposes of this blog, vocalist who came thru here to make their mark, ladies like Josephine Baker, Edith Piaf and Dee Dee Bridgewater. When you listen to them sing you realize how the songs they sang seemed as if no one else could sing them. There were many more of course and I believe there will be many more. But now we have Estelle, who has that same quality of song ownership and interpretation as if there could not be anyone else who could sing the songs she sings and we write.

Paris Metro

Paris Metro

Metro Trains

People in the Metro

jan muses on sunglasses

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul.

A lot of people like to keep their curtains shut -
keeping out the light,
hiding in a dark room,
peering out from behind the glass,
tinted of course.

You can't find a way in.
All you see is a reflection of yourself,
a mirrored image,
a life turned back to front.

But just a crack of light 
from the sun, 
the moon 
even a star from billions of miles away 
can illuminate a thought ...
and you catch it 
and you
'put it in your pocket"
and you
'save it for a rainy day'

Everything casts shadows.
We've just got to move out into the light,
take off our sunglasses
and get dazzled once in a while.

How does that other old song go? "The future's so bright I gotta wear shades"

Another week closer to recording "The Sound of You"

Estelle sends postcards from Derbyshire and jumps over the moon...

Just got back from visiting a friend who lives a few miles out of Derby and met these lovely fellas while trespassing in a field!
Someone had something to say about enforced exercise when they heard I had to run away from twenty or so frisky heifers! 
Another spoke about steak on a plate and a woman who does not eat flesh mentioned the importance of kindness and more.

I say you can take the gal out of the South African bush but please don't put her in the English countryside!

Spotted the low slung September sickle moon at dawn after a night of trying to put the world to rights but saw no spectacular sunsets.
The trees made an impression and I do wish they could talk!

Layers and lattice below.

Some colour to wish you a gentle easing into your new season whichever side of the hemisphere you are on.

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