Chapter 3: Across the bridge - Expression of the soul in song (Part 1)

Jan writes ...
Words and music have vibrations. 
To explain how the writing process works for me, you have to understand that - So I felt I could hear words that had the same vibrations as Chico's music. To use an old hippy phrase, I tuned in.
Yes, often I would contribute to the music in the same way Chico would contribute to the words but his older, finished and recorded tunes spoke to me. 
Starting with the title I would play the melodies over and over and let the story of each song unfold. He might explain the inspiration behind the music and title which gave me a starting point to invoke the meaning of the song and how it would take shape.
      I can remember where I was for the writing of each song - sitting on the chair by the phone in the studio at English Valley, being in the studio cottage on the phone, driving through the fields and seeing the last full moon of a summer in Tennessee - Looking out of Felicia's window in New York right through to now, in Suffolk back in the  UK, where I finished some of the song lyrics of this album. Who knew when they began where they would end up?

The circle is nearly complete ... 

Chico writes ...
When you find the joy in your work, you'll never work a day in your life.

I had always wanted to find a writing partner who could take my ideas and emotions and translate them into poetry, to not only express the things I wanted to say but to transform them into musical wonder, and to contribute to the wonder with feelings of their own. Because we inspired each other, I believe that we were able to make poetry of music and music of poetry. It is a gift that I will be forever grateful to have experienced.

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